Five Things Faith Groups Can Do


Faith Groups in Scotland play a huge part in the fight for social and economic justice for our communities. The representation we have from faith groups on our Steering Group is testament to this.

Low pay affects the most vulnerable in our society and we know that many faith groups want to be part of the Scottish Living Wage Campaign. Here are five really easy ways that faith groups can get involved:



Write an article about the Living Wage and low pay

If your faith group has a newsletter, website etc. you could write an article about the campaign. This is a great way to raise awareness and support for the Living Wage. You will find all the information, research and statistics you will need on this website. If you need any assistance just get in touch with us.




Start a campaign!

If you are concerned about low pay in your local area and want to do something about it, why not start a local Living Wage Campaign? We can help you at every stage. You may want to focus your activity around building towards Living Wage Week, which takes place in November each year.

A great place to start is our Living Wage Campaign Toolkit which you can view or download here.





Fundraise for us

The Scottish Living Wage Campaign relies on donations from our supporters. Without these vital funds we cannot continue to provide support and information to local campaigners. We are happy to talk about any fundraising ideas you have, or you can donate to our Just Giving page.




Invite us to an event

Ask us to come along to your next community event to deliver a presentation and/or host an info stall. Our contact details are here.




Connect with us

Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter!

By sharing our updates on your social media accounts you are helping to build awareness and support for the Living Wage. You can also encourage your community members to sign up to our e-news updates.

"At the end of the day I want a pay, not pocket money for my work."

- NMW worker for 24 years


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