Raising Awareness



The SLWC aims to raise public awareness and support for a living wage. It is not right that people who work do not earn enough money to cover the basic necessities of life. We hope that as more people are made aware of the realities of low pay, and the difference a living wage can make, more employers will be encouraged to do the right thing and make work pay.

We are a central hub of low pay and living wage resources, news and research for both individuals and local campaigns. Providing quality information and accessible resources is a key element of our work.



Delivering presentations and information sessions to local community groups is a great way for us to build public awareness and understanding of a living wage. If you would like us to visit your group please get in touch with us admin@povertyalliance.org


Schools, Colleges and Universities

We have a range of learning materials and session plans that can be adapted for different groups of students who are studying low pay and the Living Wage in Scotland. Please get in touch with us admin@povertyalliance.org



We are happy to come along to any community events. We can provide an information stall and/or can deliver presentations on low pay and the living wage. Please get in touch with us admin@povertyalliance.org