End Poverty Pay at the Student Loans Company!

We are working with our colleagues at PCS Scotland to campaign for the Living Wage for all SLC employees.

Anything less than the Living Wage does not provide enough to cover the basic necessities of life. Work should help people out of poverty, not help to keep them there.

It is especially important that people working for publically funded organisations, such as the SLC, are properly remunerated for their work. The Scottish Government, the Welsh Assembly and the Office of the London Major all pay their staff the Living Wage. We should expect no less from Westminster.

We have worked with PCS Scotland to develop a leafet for staff and supporters, which you can view here.

On the 7th & 21st October we held a petition stall in the foyer of the SLC Head Office and gathered a huge amount of sigantures. PCS staff have also been on strike.

What can you do to help?

Alongside the petition for SLC staff, we are gathering signatures for a general petition which anyone can sign to show their support. You can find the petition here on change.org

Help us spread the word by sharing the petition on your Facebook and Twitter!