Videos on Low Pay & the Living Wage

Listed below are some of the best videos on low pay and the Living Wage from around the web, including some of our very own! Please feel free to send us your own suggestions:

The Scottish Living Wage Campaign

The Living Wage makes a real difference to low paid workers. In our video people share why the Living Wage is important and what it means to them.

The Impact of the Living Wage in Scotland

Hear from workers who are now paid the Living Wage, and the huge difference it has made to all their lives.

A Wage to Live On

A video from the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, filmed when she visited the 100th Accredited Living Wage Employer, McKean Developments.

Implementing the Living Wage

Craig Hume, Director at Utopia Computers talks about his companies move to implementing the living wage. Utopia Computers are an Accredited Living Wage Employer.

Three Hamiltons Living Wage Link-Up

Campaign groups from Hamilton here in Scotland, Hamilton in Canada and Hamilton in New Zealand got together on Thursday 6th November to discuss successes and challenges in trying to extend the Living Wage to more workers.

Our friends in Canada hosted the live chat, and CBC Hamilton interviewed representatives from each of the campaigns.

Living Wage & Supermarkets

This Newsnight piece from 2012 looks at low pay within the "Big-4" supermarkets, highlighting the disparity between huge profits and bonuses for senior staff and the low level of pay for many of the workers.

TEDxGlasgow - A New Definition of Wealth and Prosperity for Scotland

Are we focusing on the wrong goal? Are we letting the economy dominate too many corners of our life? Katherine Trebeck's Tedx talk looks at how our economic model has failed us on too many counts and what it might take to start creating an economy that serves people and planet.

This includes an introduction to an initiative undertaken by Oxfam in Scotland to create a new measure of Scotland's prosperity that goes beyond pounds and pence to look at what really matters to communities and society.

High Pay Center - Income Inequality in the UK

A CEO takes home more in three days than one of his employees can earn in a whole year. Huge pay gaps in the UK lead to rising inequality, but it doesn't have to be like this...

Funny or Die - Modern Office with Christina Hendricks

Although this video uses American statistics on pay inequality, its is still very relevant and very funny!

High Pay Center - Wealth Inequality in the UK

Most people perceive the distribution of wealth in the UK to be far more equal than it actually is. In fact, for more than 30 years the gap between the richest and the rest has widened - and the trend shows no sign of slowing, as this animation makes clear.

Joeseph Rowantree Foundation - Cost of Living in the UK

This video has been produced to look at the problems that arise when wages to do not increase with inflation. When we see that wages have only increased on average by 8% over the past 6 years, but rent has increased by 32% and energy by 45%, no one needs to get the calculator out to see that something isn't going to add up.

The Skints - The Cost of Living is Killing Me

A video from an East London band about the cost of living crisis.

JRF - Cost of Living in the UK

A video from the Joeseph Rowantree Foundation on how the Minimum Income Standard is calculated.