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A Living Wage for Care Workers (03.02.16)

Motor Neurone Disease patient and care campaigner, Gordon Aikman, speaks about the Scottish Government's budget proposal to pay carers a Living Wage.

Working Women in Poverty Speak Out (30.01.16)

From exhaustion and frustration to hope and resistance, women experiencing in-work poverty share their stories. This Red Pepper blog is a summary of a Skills Network report.

Average Wages for 90% of British Workers Is Less Than You've Been Told (23.01.16)

Stripping out the top 10% of average wages leaves just below £13k average pay for ther remaining 90% of the population.

How Osborne's Fake "Living Wage" Could Trap Many in Poverty (26.01.16)

UNISON's Dave Prentice on the higher rate of NMW for older workers

Time To Get Serious About Social Care (09.12.15)

UNISON's Dave Watson on the Crisis in Scotland's Social Care System

Scotland's Top Earners Pocketing 77 Times More Than Minimum Wage Workers in 2014 (13.10.15)

New research shines a light on Scotland's Income Inequality

Lidl to Pay 9,000 Staff The Full Living Wage (18.09.15)

Lidl becomes the first major retailer to embrace the Living Wage

Low Pay Bad For Your Health (10.09.15)

Researchers in Glasgow have found that job insecurity and low pay are bad for your health.

Living Wage Is Good for Business & Ethics (20.07.15)

Paying the staff a Living Wage has benefits all round, say leading social enterprises.

The Real Benefit Cheats Are The Employers Who Are Milking The System (26.06.15)

"When the taxpayer is taking on so much of the cost of in-work benefit, and the employee getting so much of the blame, there’s really only sheer nerve and hypocrisy left to be admired." Deborah Orr takes the big retailers to task in this comment piece.

Tesco Faces Shareholder Unrest Over Executive Pay (26.06.15)

Tesco faced a backlash from shareholders over rewards for top executives and low pay for staff at its annual shareholder meeting on Friday, despite reporting better than expected trading.

Why Don't Marks & Spencer Pay Staff the Living Wage? (19.06.15)

A blog from the Craftivist Collective on their brilliant campaign to encourage M&S to pay their staff the Living Wage

Review Finds Early Years Carers Have Fewest Qualifications & Lowest Pay in Childcare Sector (01.06.15)

A Report by the Scottish Government find that Early Years workers are often paid less than the Living Wage, despite incresasing pressure on them from policy makers and parents.

Fast Food Chains & Coffee Shops Are Failing to Pay the Living Wage (02.06.15)

Frank Field surveyed 13 fast food and coffee chains in the UK. You will not be surprised by their responses, or lack of.

Living Wage Employer Says Everyone Benefits (18.05.15)

Jenny King from KPMG discusses the benefits of paying the Living Wage to employers.

Scottish Business Pledge (26.05.15)

The Scottish Government's annoucement of a new partnership to promote fair and sustainable business practices, including the Living Wage.

Numbers Working For Less Than Living Wage, A Wrong That Must Be Righted, Promptly (19.05.15)

Colette Douglas' piece on the companies that do and don't pay the Living Wage in Scotland.

How to Eradicate Poverty:Spend More Money on Wages and Strengthen Unions (17.02.15)

Joanna Mack discusses how the 1980s decision to embrace the market, union-busting and deregulation, together with disinvestment in public housing and rolling privatisation is one of history’s great political blunders.

Scots Firms 'Named and Shamed' for Not Paying National Minimum Wage (15.01.15)

Three firms have been publically named by the Government for failing to pay staff the National Minimum Wage.

Campaigners Call for More Living Wage Employers (30.12.14)

Article from BBC on our calls for more employers to become accredited in Scotland.

Primark told to "Stop Scrooging" by Living Wage Campaigners (1.12.14)

This article from the Guardian discusses Citizens UK action to try and persuade major retailers to pay the Living Wage, such as Primark, Debenhams and M&S.

Living Wage 'Key' to Tackling Health Inequalities (9.12.14)

Changes to tax and benefit systems have more impact on health inequalities than changes to healthcare, new study found.

Researchers said the introduction of a Living Wage and benefit increases made more difference than schemes to help lose weight or stop smoking.

Power Firm SSE Announces £460 Living Wage Contract (1.12.14)

The £460m contract, awarded by SSE networks business SHE Transmission, will apply to a new subsea electricity link being built by engineers ABB Ltd.

United Against A War on the Poor (05.10.14)

Frontline charities and campaigners fighting the war on poverty have united to condemn David Cameron and George Osborne's latest welfare policy announcements as an outrageous attack on Scotland's most vulnerable families. "A couple both working full-time on the minimum wage are already nearly one-fifth short of the money they need for children's basics; another freeze will make it a whole lot harder for them, as well as those out of work".

Low Paid Britain: "People Have Had Enough. It's Soul Destroying" (30.08.14)

This artcile from the Guardian reveals the truth behind rises in employment and how the recent boom in self-employment is not all its cracked up to be.

Cleaners Are Worth It (27.08.14)

Blog from one of Steering Group members, Dave Watson, discussing the findings of UNISON's survey on cleaning staff. You can find the report itself here.

Don't Pay the Price on the Living Wage (21.08.14)

A very positive blog article which highlights the growing support and awareness of the Living Wage and why all businesses need to at least consider the idea.

Care Workers Must Be Properly Paid and Professionally Recognised (12.08.14)

The Demos Commission on Residential Care recommends that residential care should become a living wage sector.

In Low-Wage Economy Employers Paying Well Make Sound Investment (12.08.14)

This article discusses now paying the living wage makes good business sense.

Doncaster Care Workers Set to Intensify Strike in Fight for Living Wage (09.08.14)

Fifty carers for the disabled are staging one of the longest strikes in the history of the health service to secure a living wage for staff working in privatised services formerly run by the NHS.

Paying up: a closer look at the living wage and pay equality in the charity sector (01.08.14)

Fewer than 1% of charities have registered as living wage employers, but those that do say it's essential to 'walk the talk'.

Key Victory for Campaigners as Cambridge University Agrees to Pay Living Wage (26.06.14)

The campaign for the ‘living wage’ has received a major boost after Cambridge University signed up.

They Took A Tabloid And Made It More Realistic. No Celebrities Included.

These brilliant images from Woodfields care provider in the US highlight the stark realities of a low pay economy, and the lack of compassion and interest in real people who are experiencing hardship and struggle in their everyday lives.

Nestle Agrees To Pay All Employees Living Wage (26.06.14)

Food giant Nestlé has become the first leading manufacturer to commit to paying the living wage.

The firm already pays at least the living wage to its 8,000 staff but the move will benefit contract employees and agency workers. About 800 contractors working with Nestlé will implement it by December 2017. Hurrah!

The Minimum Wage Is Worthless Unless Its A Living Wage (24.06.14)

Charlie Mullins on the benefits of paying the Living Wage.

Poverty Alliance makes a plea for a living wage for Scots in Third Force News (24.06.14)

The Poverty Alliance has called for an end to poverty wages following a report published by the Living Wage Commission.

It found that 372,000 people in Scotland, the equivalent of 17% of the workforce, earn below the living wage.

Tesco Mocked by Living Wage Campaign Group In Doctored Supermarket Price Tags

A great way campaigners highlighted the difference between the profits of Tesco and the low level of wages they pay staff.

The Student Fight for All University Staff to be Paid a Living Wage (26.06.14)

This article argues that it’s important that students uphold the employment standards that they would want to see for themselves

UNISON Celebrates Big Victory for Low Paid Care Workers (13.06.14)

Press Release from UNISON in relation to the wonderful news that Capability Scotland has introduced the Living Wage for all its workers, backdated to 1 April 2014.