Ailsa, Standard Life


Before I got the job at Standard Life I had been working at Build-a-Bear workshop for two years, I had started on £5.25 but in my second year I got a 13p pay rise. At this time I was renting a flat with my friend and had dropped out of college so as work and pay for my accommodation/bills etc., Unfortunately I was only on a 4 hour contract so my monthly wage could range from £350-£600 pounds which was not stable enough to pay rent and bills consistently.

I ended up having to move home and bounce between my mum, dads and boyfriend at the times houses for the next year or so. Being 20 years old and unable to have a routine or my own space or the ability to save any money for my future took a really bad effect on my confidence level – I wanted to be looking ahead but I felt stuck due to my circumstances. I don’t believe that it is money that makes the world go around but at that point it felt like the be all and end all.

After getting the job at Standard Life things kind of changed overnight. Being paid a fair wage has an incredible impact on my life, having the ability to save and be excited about your future is a wonderful feeling and I feel so fortunate.

Although I loved my old job and it was great fun, working for Standard Life makes me feel valued and having a routine has made me feel so much more confident about what I’m capable of and where I can go in life.

I now live in a one bedroom flat in Morningside in Edinburgh, I have a chance to budget, save and I have been able to take control of my life. I’ve been able to go on holidays and nights out with my friends, contribute to my pension and I now have 2 different savings account for long term and short term savings.

Regardless of a person’s job, everyone deserves to be paid fairly and feel like they add value in work and in their personal life. If we really want people to live prosperous lives and have a chance to save, invest and spend their money then we need to pay them fairly and give them a chance. I can’t thank Standard Life enough for paying me the (real!) Living Wage and allowing me to move forwards in life.