Tackling Low Pay: Using a Human Rights Approach

The Poverty Alliance Briefing, October 2014

Those working in the anti-poverty sector have in recent years been keen to place human rights at the heart of their work. However in spite of this vocal support for the principle of a human rights - based approach to poverty, detailed literature on what such an approach might mean in practice is less easy to find. A key task for this briefing, therefore, is to consider what is meant by a human rights - based approach, and what might be achieved by emphasising the relationship between human rights and anti-poverty work.

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Living Wage Debate - Scottish Government

SLWC Briefing, April 2014

This briefing has been produced to accompany the debate for the motion submitted by James Kelly MSP which calls for the Procurement Reform (Scotland) Bill to be amended to extend the payment of the living wage to public contracts.

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Poverty in Scotland 2014: The Independence Referendum and Beyond

CPAG/Poverty Alliance/OU/GCU Briefing, March 2014

Accompanying briefing for the publication of the same title, which is a unique publication drawing together the expertise of academics, anti-poverty campaigners and other experts both in Scotland and internationally. It seeks to inform the terms of debate in the run up to the independence referendum, providing the latest facts and figures, setting out the anti-poverty cases of the Yes Scotland and Better Together campaigns.

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The Living Wage and the Public Sector in Scotland

SLWC Briefing, January 2013

Over the last few years increasing number of public sector workers in Scotland have been covered by the living wage. This short briefing paper sets out the current state of play highlighting who is paying what, and how many workers are affected.

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Low Pay In Scotland

Poverty Alliance Briefing No15 - May 2010

Low pay in Scotland affects between nearly one quarter and one fifth of all workers. Low pay, as opposed to low income, relates to earnings, but many of those on low incomes are low paid workers. This report addresses the issue of low pay from two perspectives. First, it looks at different measures and sources of data on low pay. This is to provide a general overview of the ‘landscape’ of low pay in Scotland. Second, it discusses the experiences of individuals and families on low pay, in their own words. Both perspectives inform the discussion on key policy issues relating to low pay, poverty and social exclusion in Scotland.